City Farming
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Dr. Doshi’s books provide us an input as to how to set up a city farm.

City Farming is a United Nations acclaimed technique of recycling waste and simultaneously growing fruits, flowers and vegetables in the same premises. This has been researched for over 35 years and patented by Padmashri Dr.R.T.Doshi.

Scope of Work:

 Setting up a City Farm as a turnkey project.
Time Frame: 6 months

Team of People from City Farming

Senior Consultants:
Junior Workers

How do we achieve this?


  • Training provided by our Senior Consultants
  • Hands on Training provided by junior workers

2. Infrastructure Setup

    This includes guidance in selection of

  • plants
  • planting material
  • eco friendly containers which maximize the recycling of waste and promote  the growth of plants
  • the  placement of containers to grow as well as beautify the terrace area allocated for City Farming

3. Planting Schedule

This will be determined by the team of experts from our end alongwith the  concurrence of the experts at your end

4. Planting and Monitoring

  • Schedule of Visits taking a 6 month time frame

  Visits by Senior Consultants: Twice a week

  Junior workers: Five times a week

5. Maintenance after 6 months till a year

  • Visits by Senior Consultants: Once a month
  • Visits by Junior Workers: Twice a week


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